Keep tabs of people who un-follow you on Twitter

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  • May 8, 2012

Your followed-by/following ratio matters. It’s a reality of Twitter, particularly if you’re trying to build authority for your account.

People often will just follow you so that you follow them back, and then they’ll ditch and hope you don’t notice, leaving them with a bigger number of followers and you with a bigger number of followees.

There are a lot of tools out there that allow you to manage your profile and do a million and one special tasks to optimize your presence. I don’t use them. Mostly because I just run a personal account and don’t get too caught up in the particulars.

But I have been using one tool that does something I really value, and does it in a simple, hands-off manner that I don’t have to spend hours mucking with.

It’s called Qwitter, and all it does is send you an email every week notifying you of the people who un-followed you in the past 7 days. Simply run through your Qwitter page when you get the email and if you’re still following the people who ditched you, you can unfollow them. Easy-peasy.

Check it out!

  • Josh

    I am forever getting people randomly adding me on mass. I am guessing they are just a collection of people with many accounts.

    I will be taking a look at Qwitter a little later today to see how much time I can save!